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About Our Organization

Women for Progress is a catalyst for action.

​Progress emanates from awareness. Women For Progress informs the community on the problems and issues of our time: issues in education, legislation, poverty, crime, racism, religion, urban development, and unemployment.

We must study issues of political campaigns and platforms of candidates, then through advocacy, we must voice our views to our legislators and congressional delegation—we must speak up on matters of social injustice and inequalities—.  We must accept our responsibility as citizens. Change in the community comes from action and service.


Women For Progress was officially chartered by the State of Mississippi on May 11, 1978.  Under the creative, dynamic, and progressive leadership of founding president, Mrs. Dorothy Stewart and the dedicated support of the Catalytic Core.  The ranks of Women For Progress grew rapidly, attracting a diverse group of individuals. The members, known as Activists, used their time, talent, and treasure to develop the organization into one of the most prestigious groups in the State. 

The uniqueness of Women For Progress rests in its use of the caucus format of active and responsible leadership to accomplish its goals. The caucus format expands meetings and accomplishments by cutting through the usual restrictive parliamentary rules and red tape. Our flexible meeting schedule is designed to accommodate the needs of busy working individuals. 

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