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Women's Business Networking

Shall promote and support women in business and help create new economic development opportunities for more women.  The committee will design a plan to accomplish these goals including, but not limited to the following tools: 

  • WFP Work, Wealth & Wisdom: Use the experience and knowledge of the body of Women for Progress to give women access to information, resources and colleagues with experience in various areas of business: Forums, networking events, etc.

  • Education: Women for Progress Radio

  • Networking

  • Support: Combat the natural isolation of managing a small business by providing personal support and professional development

  • Recognition: Highlight & recognize African American Women business owners and entrepreneurs.

    • shall create programs or opportunities that will lead to the creation and growth of small businesses, entrepreneurship, and innovation economy.

    • The committee shall create a resource framework that supports entrepreneurs of all backgrounds as they seek to open and grow small businesses, including support for innovation, technical assistance, and access to capital.

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