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Project Aspire: Rising Eagles 
Leadership Institute

 "The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope."

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



Project Aspire is a program developed by Women for Progress to foster leadership skills in the youth of our communities. Women for Progress has expanded Project Aspire so that we can support all levels of giftedness, creativeness, and leadership of students. Our expanded program will be called

Project Aspire: The Rising Stars. It is our desire to create an experience, which will inspire participants to dream without boundaries and always strive for excellence.

The Objectives of our expanded program are:

Provide a forum where students may safely debate issues and problems and learn how to appropriately resolve conflict.

Provide opportunities where students may become critical thinkers, coherent writers, confident speakers, and thoughtful leaders, responsible, compassionate and virtuous citizens.

Provide ample opportunity for public presentation of creative work, including readings, recitations, publication, and other activities that increase the visibility of our students and our program.

We are proud to have the opportunity and challenge to support a selected group of students at the Northwest Middle International Baccalaureate School.  It is particularly critical that such a future oriented school should have community support to accomplish the goals of the school.   Our vision is that at least one participant will rise up in a generation, and that he or she will change the world we know it. We want them to think, “I can and will change the world".

Learning Modules include:




Develop personal talents and skills through talent expositions.  Students will explore team building concepts, decision-making styles and effective leadership skills.  Students will explore their own decision-making skills to understand their own talents and skills.  Students will learn through actual practice, parliamentary procedures.




Students will study and depict in dramatic and artistic forms, elements of our rich African-American heritage.  Exploration and understanding of cultural differences; Students will examine their own perceptions, experiences and attitudes about the diverse communities in which we live.  This knowledge and exploration will help participants better communicate and relate to the various communities they will serve. Working with Women for Progress, the school, and parents, Kwanzaa will be the major cultural celebration for Project Aspire.




A group discussion on the justice system; how our city, state and federal government make laws; how we, as citizens, affect public policy.  Participants will review recent & past voting and election laws and their impact on the election process and individuals’ rights.  Visits to City Hall, State Legislature and when possible, our nation’s capital. The Legal Eagles project will be a collaborative partnership with the Mayor and the Jackson Police Department. Plans are under development for the use of the Police Museum as service center for the Legal Eagles of Project Aspire.




Creating opportunity for yourself, your community and your state; how we become part of the solution to a successful community.  Information and discussion will be provided on workforce development.




The family is paramount when it comes to the formation of ethics and values in our personal and business lives. Women For Progress will bring in individuals and provide social settings where the participants can learn social graces and etiquette.



Through the city’s youth initiative and business partnership program participants will be provided with a two-week internship program, one week with a business leader in the work environment and one week with a civic or governmental agency.



This celebration honors members of the 2013-2014 Project Aspire Youth Leadership Institute class for their successful completion of all program requirements.



How it began..

In 1984 Project Aspire was established as an auxiliary of Women For Progress to engage young people in career exploration and mentoring activities that insure the positive development of progressive leadership skills. Project Aspire helps youth develop their full potential through hands-on participation with business, governmental and community leaders. 

Women For Progress has expanded Project Aspire so that we can support all levels of giftedness, creativity, and leadership of students.  This expanded program is called Project Aspire: The Rising Stars.  There are many benefits to becoming a member of Project Aspire.  The organization offers its participants flexible opportunities for service volunteerism, and the opportunity to make friends for life.